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Jacksonville Voice Over Recording

Are you a Voice Over Actor that needs to record. We are able to do all your additions and work in one location. Are you tired of paying for a full hour of studio time to just read just a few lines? We can help. We have a 15, 30, 45 and hourly studio time options so that you can just come in and read just a few lines without having to pay for a full hour.

There are many reasons you might choose to select us for your voice over recording studio needs. The first is professional quality. Sure, you could probably do the work yourself if you did a little research, bought the equipment, and wanted to invest the time. But with our experienced professional voice over recording studio here to meet all of your voiceover needs, why would you?

Most companies do not have professional quality voice over recording studios or equipment to use to make their own audio materials. While you can produce voice-over readings with sub-par equipment, your potential customers can and will notice the difference in quality and fault you for it. You are better off working with a company like Studio 105 Recording that has a quality voice over recording studio where your materials can be produced.

Our voice over studio options, in addition to being of a highly professional quality, also allows for the convenience of creating and receiving your work online. Eliminating face to face time means we can get your product to you fast, reducing wait time to the bare minimum. With time often being of the essence in business matters, this is always a nice perk.

We feature a top quality isolation booth for zero noise and perfect silence for voice recording and monitoring.

Our ultra-quiet, air-conditioned voice recording studio is located at Sunshine Suites, NOHO at 419 Lafayette Street in New York City.

Studio 105 Recording produces high-quality readings based on your scripts. Whether you are revamping your telephone system or deploying a new marketing campaign, our service will provide a clear reading of your materials. With our digital studio, we can incorporate special effects and music into the voice over recording that we produce for you.

Some voice over recording studios charge high fees, as money is divided among the agents, the voice over talent, and the owners of the voice-over recording studio. Studio 105 Recording will produce all of our voice overs in our own digital recording studio, letting us offer our services at competitive rates. We are often able to produce them within 48 hours of your request, so you can incorporate the reading into your advertising material as soon as possible.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with the voice over readings that we provide to them. That's why we include a free custom sample in our pricing, so you can request any changes to the tone or style that you think may be appropriate for your paticular voice over recording. For additional information on our voice over recording studio, click here to contact us online, or call us today.

Do you need narration for your corporate training videos? Online presentations? Commercial advertisements? Educational films? Documentarys? Or something else altogether? Trust the talent at Studio 105 Recording for all of your voice over needs.

Our attention to detail is what separates us from our competitors. The Amazing Voice Quality Control yields an exceptional accuracy rate. We know what you're looking for and we go the extra mile to deliver the professional quality voice over.

Please inquire about any of your production needs, no matter how big or small the project may be. We'll be happy to share our knowledge with you and help to expedite your audio, video, multi-media, voice talent casting and web presentation needs in a timely manner.

We offer quality recordings with experienced engineers who care about your project and are here for you from start to finish. We believe that you should be completely satisfied with your product as well as your experience when you record with us.

Our focus here at Studio 105 Recording will be to provide exceptional quality and outstanding customer service to those who choose to record with us.

We look forward to producing your next project. Be sure to give us a call at our Jacksonville Recording Studio.



Phone - (904) 438-4105 - Email - info@studio105recording.com

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