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Jacksonville Karaoke Track Recording Studio

Welcome! Studio 105 Jacksonville Recording Studio is a home recording studio based in Jacksonville Florida. 

We specialize in providing an exceptional recording experience for karaoke performers who are ready to take their vocal performance to the next level. We're also here for the creative artists who have their own original material to get on CD. If needed your voice will be coached, then recorded, tuned and mixed to create your very own personal masterpiece. The final produced recording will be given to you on CD, which can be played on any CD player and also includes mp3 files for your computer or ipod if needed.

A Jacksonville Karaoke Recording session is perfect for audition pieces, vocal training, or even makes the perfect unforgettable gift for friends and family. We offer a range of packages that make it easy for you to become a recording artist, whether you want just one song, or an entire album.

Just bring in your own karaoke music on disk and we will import it into the mix and get you set up to start recording in just a few minutes. For those of you that don't have the karaoke music on disk, we have a large library of over 200,000 up to date song lyrics available for your convenience at no additional cost. Please let us know in advance what song lyrics you would like to use in your recording session.

Studio 105 Jacksonville Recording Studio is a reputable resource for music production. Studio 105 is a Track Recording Digital/Analog multi-track recording studio. The primary focus of Studio 105 Recording is to give musicians an opportunity to produce their Jacksonville Demo CD in high quality at a price they can afford. If your goal is to record and release your own independent CD, then you owe it to yourself to check us out. We will produce a mastered product that you will love. Your recording is your calling card to show your fans, clubs owners, booking agents etc. We have affordable hourly rates, so call us today with your creative ideas and let's make your masterpiece.



Why record a professional Jacksonville Karaoke CD Recording?

(1) To have a recording of your singing to hand down to your children or grandchildren.

(2) Something to give to Mom and Dad.

(3) To play for friends and family.

(4) It makes a terrific gift for any occasion.

(5) Personalize your wedding music by singing it yourself.

(6) Use as a demo to audition for bands, or otherwise showcase your vocal ability.

(7) Just to have a CD of yourself singing.

If you are thinking about making a Jacksonville Demo CD Recording of your singing, there is an option to higher priced studios that may not take the time and attention to detail with Jacksonville Karaoke Recording that we do.

Studio 105 Recording, a Jacksonville Florida Recording Studio also offers additional services to Jacksonville karaoke performers and companies.

(1) Private consulting on researching products, hooking it up, setting and operating your equipment.

(2) Website design and hosting, it's very affordable, and tailored to your specific industry.




Phone - (904) 438-4105 - Email - info@studio105recording.com

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