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Mixing And Mastering


Mixing is a very important part of creating a quality recording and most of the gear in our recording studio is dedicated to just that. It really doesn't matter how well you recorded your parts, without careful mixing the final product can sound poor.

Mixing is the process in where you balance individual recorded tracks to create a quality recording. This involves checking for peaking, phase cancellation, unwanted distortion, setting levels, applying compression, equalization and panning to individual tracks. The mixing stage can be the most time consuming process of recording and perhaps the most difficult stage of any recording.

Mixing is definitly an art form. Mixing is done in order to achieve and produce an appealing sound to the listeners. A poor mix can and will ruin a great song. A great mix can take it to a higher level and that is our number one goal. We bring the tracks to life. The mix needs to be able to tell the artist’s story. Editing is also very important factor, especially when it comes to voiceover, audiobooks, podcasts and post production audio. We can enhance any spoken performance by removing unwanted noise and fixing volume levels, we provide the listener with a great recording.

In a nutshell, audio mixing is the process by which a multitude of recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels, most commonly two channel stereo.

In the process, source signal levels, frequency content, dynamics and panoramic position are being manipulated and then effects such as reverb, delay, could be added. This is to provide the listener with a great recording.

Audio mixing is done in studios as part of an album or single making. The mixing stage often follows the multitrack recording and the final mixes are submitted to the engineer.





Mastering is a process of taking the final mixe from your recording session and preparing it to be heard on sound systems used by the consumer. The mastering engineer balances the equalization and compression of the mix and brings the overall levels of the mixe to CD standards. The CD will be indexed properly for playback and put into the final form for duplication.

Studio 105 Recording's Mastering service provides CD Mastering, Restoration and Transferring Services. We also provide the option to upload your project directly to our server, or you can send the CD directly to our Studio in Jacksonville, FLorida. Studio 105 Recording prides itself on customer satisfaction, you will always have the opportunity to speak with our staff. It does not matter where your located, we consider you a local client at Studio 105 Recording.

CD Mastering is the final step your music takes before it's actually manufactured. It takes talent and experience to bring out all the best qualities of your mix. Studio 105 Recording engineers have over 22 years experience. You will get equal or better quality to studios that cost so much more.

CD Mastering can make the difference between a good and a great recording. Mastering offers a professional ear to your music, and it provides a new perspective, which is perhaps one of the most important functions of a Mastering Engineer. CD Mastering is the last stop in audio quality control. Whether you have spent thousands of dollars at a studio or recorded your music at home, we can give your master that final touch that makes it stand out from the rest.

Simply put, Mastering finalizes your mixed audio by making it big, bright and beautiful. Your source material is processed using equalization, compression, limiting, noise reduction and various other processes. More tasks such as editing, pre-gapping, leveling, fading in and out, noise reduction and other signal restoration and enhancement processes can be applied as part of the mastering stage.

The Mastering process can be the difference between the audio sounding good, rather than GREAT!

As you can see, the process of creating the right sound involves many different steps. There is a lot of creativity that goes into the entire process. We at Studio 105 Recording will be pleased to sit down with you and discuss your project. If you have questions about the services we offer, please contact us.


Studio 105 Recording specializes in different genres of music. Our staff are professional, courtious and highly qualified. Studio 105 Recording is a great choice for both the beginner and professional. Our rates are straight forward and there are no hidden costs for engineers, effects, equipment, microphones, etc. We also have an Online Recording Service, Live Remote Recording, Professional Karaoke Recording, Voice Over lessons, CD Duplication And Graphics Packages and so much more. Be sure to visit the services page for a list of all the services we offer.

We offer quality recordings with experienced engineers who care about your project and are here for you from start to finish. We believe that you should be completely satisfied with your product as well as your experience when you record with us.

Our focus here at Studio 105 Recording will be to provide exceptional quality and outstanding customer service to those who choose to record with us.




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