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Studio Policies and Procedures

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the studio policy. A clear understanding of the policy will reduce confusion later on.

Studio 105 Recording promotes a professional atmosphere in a family home environment. Alcohol, drugs or any illicit behavior is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises.

Studio 105 Recording reserves the right to refuse to work with any Client for whatever reason.

Studio 105 Recording makes no warranties either express or implied other than those contained herein. Studio shall not be liable for unforeseen consequential damages of any kind. Should Studio 105 be unable to conduct a booked session for any reason, then Studio warrants that it shall re-book such canceled booking at another time that is mutually available to Studio and the Client.



Studio time is booked by appointment only, no walk-ins allowed.  Please call (904) 438-4105 to book studio time.

A 50% deposit of the entire quote is required to confirm all bookings. The deposit will be applied to your session or refunded if you cancel more than 72 hours before your session time begins. If your deposit is not received within 72 hours of your session time, your time may be forfeited to another client. If session is not cancelled more than 72 hours in advance you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. This is because we are usually unable to obtain replacement bookings at such a late stage.

The remaining balance must be paid in full by the end of the last day of any recording session unless a prior agreement has been arranged. Failure to produce full payment will result in the studio withholding all copies of recordings, masters or multi-tracks until all fees have been paid and funds have cleared.



Payment is required immediately following each session. Payment may be made by Cash, Check, VISA or MasterCard. There is a $35 fee for returned checks.

Note: There is a 3.5% convenience fee added to credit card or debit card payments for all services. There is no added fee for checking account and cash payments.

Paypal is also accepted but there will be an additionl 3.5% added as handeling fees.


Materials & Fees

Payment in full for materials and fees is due and payable immediately following each session. Studio 105 Recording reserves the right to make other financial arrangements with its clients. Clients will pay all Studio 105 Recording legal fees associated with financial collection processes for services rendered or materials purchased by the studio. 

No copies of recordings, masters or multi-track files in Studio 105 Recording's possession shall be released to clients until all open accounts have been settled and all checks tendered as payment have cleared Studio 105 Recording's account. 

Studio 105 Recording makes no warranties, either express or implied, other than those contained herein. Studio 105 Recording shall not be liable for any unforeseen of consequential damages of any kind.


Billable Items

When the engineer is working on your project, that time is billable. This includes when you are present in the studio with the engineer. But it may also include other times when the engineer is working on your project, such as doing requested edits, mastering, “bouncing” a rough mix, or uploading your tracks. Transferring your session files to your hard drive ties up the studio and therefore is also billable time. Often your engineer can find ways to reduce the amount of billable time outside of your attended sessions, so it is a good idea to discuss this with the engineer ahead of time.


Studio Time

When possible you may move in and start setting up prior to your start time. If the studio is available and the engineer is not present, there will be no charge until the engineer arrives. Please call the day before your session to determine if an early setup is possible. The clock begins when the engineer starts working with you setting up equipment, getting levels, debugging instrument problems (such as hum, etc.). When you indicate you are finished and the equipment is no longer in use the clock stops. (If a master is being burned, the clock continues to run until the master is finished.)


Online Mixing & Mastering

Clients engaging Studio 105 Recording for online services such as mixing and or mastering should provide agreed payment in full with any material related to said online service or services.



If during long sessions you wish to take a meal break, you may do so off the clock. If you want to work through the meal break to listen to the session, do edits, overdubs, etc., the clock continues to run. If the engineer encounters a technical problem, the time it takes to solve the problem is off the clock.

The engineer will break for 10 minutes every 2 hours to alleviate ear fatigue, and will take one 30-minute meal break every 4 hours. All this time is on the clock.


Liability Waiver

Customers/students agrees to waive any claim or claims of liability against Studio 105 Recording for any injury whatsoever, either out of accident, illness, or injury, while on its premises or attending its activities at Studio 105 Recording.

We are not legally or financially responsible for items brought into or left on the premises. This includes master tapes, hard drives, or any media left at Studio 105 Recording before, during or after recording sessions.

The customer waives the right to bring any legal action(s) against Studio 105 Recording and/or its staff due to any damages or loss, financial or otherwise, resulting from customer’s use of our recording, tracking, mixing, editing, mastering or consulting services.


Damage & Breakages To Studio Equipment

Any damage caused to studio equipment due to misuse, abuse or negligence will be charged to the client. Refusal to pay for breakages will lead to exclusion and legal action. Until damages are paid or repaired for, sessions will not continue and copies of recordings, masters or multi-tracks will remain as property of Studio 105 Recording. 

When leaving and entering the home studio, please remember that the main door must be kept shut and locked at all times. Any theft or damages that occur as a result of the door being left open or unlocked will be chargeable to the client.


Personal Items/Lost Property

Any personal items left unattended are the responsibility of the owner. Please ensure that you take all of your belongings with you when you leave. Studio 105 Recording is not responsible for any personal items that are lost or damaged on the premises.


Drugs Are Strictly Prohibited

We reserve the right to deny access to our premises and our equipment to those clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



Smoking is prohibited inside. If you choose to smoke outdoors, please use the receptacle provided for this purpose.


Outdoor Noise

Our studio is in a residential location and there are neighbors. In order to preserve their needs for a quiet neighborhood, noise should be kept to a minimum while outside of the studio. 



There is a 10 pm cut off time for recording so not to disturb my neighbors.  We can still work on some things after 10 pm as long as it’s not loud stuff…i.e. drums, bass, loud guitar.   Vocal tracks are usually okay past 10 pm and mixing can be done later as well.


Guests & Visitors

This isn’t rule but more of a recommendation: The less people hanging around at the recording session, the better the session flows and the more work gets done, which can save you serious money in the end.   I’ve done sessions where the clients brought friends to watch and it gets kind of cramped, people chat while vocals are being cut, it becomes really hard to accomplish anything.  Plus I’m going to do a better job if I can concentrate.  It’s best to save the party for when your back home listening to the finished result.  Once again, I don’t want to sound like a killjoy here, but I’ve watched clients waste lots of money because of having too many people present at the recording session.


Special Note: Karaoke Recording

Producing karaoke recordings for commercial use is not the business of Studio 105 Recording. All karaoke backing track productions are for the personal use and enjoyment of the specific artists and may not be sold for financial gain to the artist.


Online Coupon Terms & Conditions

Looking for a Recording Studio coupon or promotion? Look no further! Here you'll find all the details that will save you big on your next recording session. We'll also keep you up to date on our coupons so you can save even more on your future recording sessions.

Coupon must be presented at time of booking. Coupons are valid for new clients only, can be used only one time (only one coupon per person or band), and cannot be combined with any other offers. If you pay by phone using a credit card, please use code listed on coupon. If you have any friends or relatives looking for a recording studio, please clip this coupon and pass it along to them.

Thank you for reviewing the studio policy. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Phone - (904) 438-4105 - Email - info@studio105recording.com

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