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Jacksonville Vocal Lessons

Thank you for visiting Studio 105 Recording. You have definitly taken the first step in learning how to become a better, more confident and more complete singer. Everyone admires great vocals. There's no time like the present to find out how good you can actually be. Everyone can sing, but the question is, are you singing up to your true potential? Contact Vicki about her amazing Jacksonville Vocal Techniques.

Everyone has their own unique voice and using the proper techniques will take your voice to new levels and to heights you never thought at all possible. Many vocal coaches offer singing lessons with impossible to understand training methods.

We have very powerful and effective Jacksonville vocal lessons that will demonstrate how to sing correctly and more efficently with easy to understand, step by step voice lessons from someone that actually knows what she is doing.

Studio 105 Recording is accepting a small number of private students for our Jacksonville singing voice lessons at our Jacksonville, Florida studio. Our vocal method gives you the technique you need to sing the way you want without blowing out your voice. If you have studied with other teachers or methods and still have unresolved issues with your voice, you owe it to yourself to get help from Studio 105 Recording. We get results!

Jacksonville Vocal instruction is a technique we use that helps improve your range, endurance, stamina, resonance, breathing control, vocal strength and vocal quality. Learning how to sing properly allows the singer to perform well without fatigue or damage to the voice.

Singers, how many times has your voice become hoarse from over use? Have you ever worried about not hitting the correct notes during a live set or in a recording session? What if you only think you're hitting the right note but you're actually way off the scale? What separates the talent from the wanna be's and the stars with the real talent? Which category are you in?

Your fears are shared by nearly every singer out there. The most common doubts in their vocal ability is supported by their own uncertainties. We can and will fix that. If singing is important to you, then it's time for you to start training your voice so that you can maintain your greatest vocal strength. We have heard many voices with no technique actually suffer and eventually fade from the limelight due to being overstressed and overworked. Some are even permanitly destroyed.

Don't let your singing voice become a casualty of your own neglect. You will only have yourself to blame for this. We can definitly help. Singers of every level have walked through our doors. Explore yourself and discover how we can help unleash your spectacular voice. The vision must be followed by the venture. It's not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.

We know that in today's tough economic times extra money for Jacksonville Singing Lessons is hard to come by, actually who are we kidding. Think about it, it's not like the term Starving Artist is new! It's almost always tough to find that extra money for Jacksonville Voice Lessons. We're here to help make your dreams become a reality.

A great ear is very important for any musician and this includes singers. I do want all my singers to have a great set of musical ears. This is very helpful for singing many different styles of music. However, listening to oneself too much can be extremely bad for a singer. If there is too much self scrutiny and self conscious listening, the freedom of the sound is often interfered with. The best singers surrender their voices when they sing. They are not considering how they sound, to do so would prevent them from releasing their voices and making their best vocal sounds. Instead, they are able to identify how the sound should feel and then allow their voices to be produced in the correct way.

This is why it is often so difficult for people to teach themselves how to sing. What you hear can often be misleading to what you feel. A good rule of thumb is: if it feels free and easy, it probably sounds good. If it feels tight and difficult, it probably doesn't sound good, even if it does to your ears.

While demonstrations are certainly a part of all our Jacksonville voice lessons, I emphasize the feel of singing far more than the sound when I work with my clients. This is so they can develop a vocal technique that is truly free and truly their own, not a copy of how someone else sounds and that includes us. Also, in singing by feeling, singers learn to create good sounds in any performance environment or pressure situations. Good vocal techniques come from being able to feel which elements are helpful and which cause limitations. This physical integration leads to the vocal freedom that is the key to unlocking each persons individual vocal talent. Contact Vicki to discuss your Jacksonville Vocal Instruction Techniques today.

I would include learning in a positive environment as one of the most important elements to becoming a great singer. In our studio, we're never interested in judging you or maliciously criticizing you. We're only interested in encouraging you and discovering all areas in you that need improvement. Contact Vicki Lee Jacksonville Vocal Coach.

Singing is definitly one of the most vulnerable and exposed activities in which you could ever participate. Many people are more afraid to sing in public than just about anything else that anyone could ever ask of them. This shouldn't be the case when everyone has the potential to make beautiful sounds. Singing can be one of the most liberating, beautiful, and spiritually fulfilling things you could ever do. Eliminating all the doubts, fears, and negative energies that have become attached to your singing is a must.

The vulnerability and confidence that it takes to sing can and will not be found in a negative environment. Tension, stress, and fear are only increased in a negative environment. These things only serve to make the singing voice tight and manipulated. Our industry as a whole has already offered countless opportunities for rejection, self-doubt, and worry. Having a positive place to work on your talent is one of the best ways to combat this. We create a comfortable environment for our singers and this is among our highest priority.

All styles of singing are initiated from successful breathing vocal excerises. Our Jacksonville Vocal Lessons are committed to helping our singers find a deep and reliable connection to their breathing when they sing. This is the foundation for singing with consistency, with ease, and with confidence in all situations. We help you to not only increase the amount of breathes you have, but your ability to know how to use it with maximum efficiency. We are interested in helping our singers find ways of getting the appropriate amounts of air without taking the so called singer breaths. This is a very attainable goal and I offer both technical as well as conceptual ways to help you to do it.

Breathing for singing should strike a great balance between intent and relaxation. In other words, a great singer has a systematic approach to breathing properly, but this process should ultimately lead them to the most effortless breathing, singing, and delivery possible. Breathing is one of the main elements that remain fairly consistent for all styles of singing. Whether you are singing classical music or contemporary music, low breathing from deep in the body as well as consistent and relaxed breath support and breath management are essential to great quality vocals.

What then, does it mean to be an artist as a singer? Well, I certainly do believe that it is a person who is committed to being very technically proficient at their craft. But, I also feel that it is much more than this.

The music industry can often resort to superficiality, type casting, and imitation, becoming a true artist is not an easy task. But, I believe it's the only way to be a truly fulfilled performer as well as someone who has a career that can stand the test of time. We help you discover what being an artist actually means to you. There is something inside every performer that is unique to them and special to us. Nobody else can do what they do or express things in the same way. We're not just interested in making you a singer of finest quality, although I'm certain this will happen, but helping you to achieve your dreams through your music and Jacksonville Voice Lessons. You can make your dreams a reality.

Some people say that you shouldn't sing from your throat, you must sing from deep within your diaphragm. An artist to me sings from a place much deeper than the diaphragm. They sing from a place as deep as their soul.

One of the main problems singers experience is either losing their voice or becoming hoarse after singing for an extended periods of time. This is a result of the larynx or voice box, as it is commonly called, being pushed up or out of position while singing and or speaking.

New students of all ages immediately find themselves at ease with our relaxed enviroment. The lessons are fun and very effective. Within the first few minutes, we explain the approach and begin the training process. Friends or family who come along with the student can sit in on the lesson as well.

Almost without exception, students begin to experience greater range and vocal ease as they are led through the first exercises. By the end of the lesson, they have already experienced their voices singing better than they thought was ever possible.

Students who come to Studio 105 Recording from other teachers typically feel two things. First and foremost, excitement that they are shown they have more vocal range, more power and ease than they had ever been taught before. Second, they feel a bit annoyed that they'd spent all of that time and money on lessons that never introduced them to such a practical, effective, fast way to learn to improve their special singing voice.

Our instructor didn’t start out as a great singer, she also had to learn to sing.

Everyone has their own unigue voice and using the proper techniques will take your voice to new levels, to heights you never thought at all possible. Many vocal coaches offer singing lessons with impossible to understand voice methods that they themselves cannot prove to work. Contact Vicki about her Jacksonville Vocal Instruction techniques.

Our Jacksonville Vocal Instructor will personaly demonstrate how to sing correctly, with easy to understand, step by step Jacksonville Voice Lessons. If you follow our curriculum as designed, you will be the master of your own voice. We guarantee it!

So, come and join the many students who are singing better than they ever thought possible.

All Jacksonville Vocal Lessons Are Taught On An Individual Basis. Contact Us For Additional Information And Pricing.



Online Vocal Lessons

Jacksonville Voice Lessons Online is a unique opportunity to study directly with Studio 105 Recording from your home, via Internet video conferencing.

Our instructer specializes in Jacksonville Vocal Training, education, and wellness so whether you are a future star looking for beginner singing lessons, a vocal coach looking for supplemental training products or a professional needing a tune up, we have what you need.




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