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Studio 105 Services

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Music Mixing is a process of transforming audio and sound recordings into balanced audio music pieces that are made into CD's and played. It's part science and part art, mixing requires good equipment, a reliable listening environment and an experienced mixing engineer. Studio 105 Recording Studio has an acoustically appropriate control/mixing room with professional equipment operated by experienced sound engineers.



Mastering is a process of taking the final mixes from your recording sessions and preparing them to be heard on sound systems used by the various consumers of recorded media. The mastering engineer balances the equalization and compression of your mix and brings the overall levels of your mixes up to CD standards accepted industry wide. Your CD will be indexed properly for playback and put into the final form necessary for accurate commercial duplication.


In-Studio Recordingl

If you're looking for a professional recording studio in Jacksonville, Florida, then look no further. We can take care of all your tracking, mixing, and mastering needs.

We take pride in all the projects we do, and consider them a representation of ourselves as well as our clients. We work with all styles of music and all levels of musicians. 


Live Remote Recording

Studio 105 Recording Studio offers an on location, professional recording service dedicated to capturing the sound you want anywhere you want it. We bring the high quality studio equipment to the remote location, together with a sound understanding of how to get a quality recording on location. Whether you are a singer, songwriter, rock band or any other with a need for live recording. You can make the recording anywhere you feel comfortable, at a concert or other gig, in a church, in your home or even in an open field!



Excellent vocals are crucial to the success of your song. We have skilled vocalists that can make your song stand out from the crowd.


Online Mastering

Have you completed recording the instruments and or vocals for your songs? Studio 105 Recording Studio can help you get the best sound out of your tracks. It's a simple process, just upload the music and we do the rest.


Over Dubs

We have several clients that record and send us their files. We have professional Session Musicians to overdub. Steel, Fiddle, Mandolin, Dobro, Accordian, Piano, Electric Guitar or just about any instrument you may need!


Online Music Promotion

Do you want to get your message out there? Do you want to get more fans, website visitors, downloads or sales? It's not that difficult to do, it just takes time. And that's where we can help. We let you continue making the music and being the talented musician that you are, while we promote you the artist. 


Digital Delivery

With our online, password protected ftp site, we can upload your productions for you to download anywhere in the world and monitor the delivery to make sure they meet your deadline.


Casting And Auditions

We can recommend the right people for your project, drawing from a nationwide pool of talent ranging from modeling to film.


Audio Restoration

With our arsenal of hardware and software, we have the experience and tools to freshen up noisy audio. Whether it's a poorly recorded story told by a family member who's no longer with us, or a critical confession needed for a court date, we can do it.


Vocal Coach

Pitch, dynamics, breathing & techniques to strengthen your vocal performance.


Performancing Coaching

From stage entrance to exit learn to make your performance a memorable experience.


CD Graphic Design

Studio 105 Recording now offers CD Graphic Design. Turn your CD into a complete professional package with stunning graphics. A free consultation with our graphic designer is included. Our graphic designer will provide you with an estimate based on the materials and your budget.


CD Duplication And Graphics Packages

Studio 105 Recording offers duplication packages of up to 1000 CDs. All of our packages inlcude a CD label. Optional cover and traycard is available.


Website And Graphic Design

We build fast, interactive, great looking, websites. You can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web designers can deliver pixel perfect designs on time and on budget.




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