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Performers electrify Your audience

A true performer will deliver with such depth and emotion that the audience won’t be able to help but be mesmerized and fall into a heightened state. Miss Vicki Lee's performance coaching will teach you to perform a story that grips the audience and gives them, even for just a single moment, a most cherished gift they will hold close to their hearts.


How Do You Measure A Great Performance

A great performance is not measured simply by how you feel at the end of the gig, more to the point is the response of your audience and how they feel when they leave your gig at the end of the night.

Let’s look at it from the perspective of you having a party. The success of the party is based upon how your guests feel about the time that they had. You may have spilled a drink or even ran out of food, but if they had a good time, that’s all that matters.

A successful performance is measured similarly. You may have forgotten the lyrics, or even cracked on a high note, but if you kept your audience emotionally involved with each song you sang and made their hearts sing, then you succeeded.


Deliver Your Best Performance Every Time

Whether you perform at a sold out auditorium or open-mic events, I can help you improve and unlock your full potential with:

• Better vocal control – vocal exercises that develop, strengthen and build your voice.

• Greater vocal health – dos and don’ts to protect your assets – your vocal cords.

• Improved mental preparation – elimination of nerves, negative thoughts and jitters.

• Dependable performance success – stage presence, microphone technique and performance skills.

I work with a wide varity of singers, from all genres and disciplines.  My vocal techniques will neither suffocate nor will it alter your style.  Your individuality as a vocal artist is priceless,  It’s what sets you apart from the others.  My job is to release you and your voice, and focus your energy and passion, so that you explore the furthest limits of your style and achieve the vocal expression and freedom you dream of.


How Can We Help You

Sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, however areas most commonly covered include

 Vocal Lessons

 Performance coaching

 Vocal technique

 Vocal workouts and warm-ups

 Improving range and power

 Expression and conveying emotion

 Improvisation and ad-libs

 Vocal health assessment

Students can choose to apply the above techniques to a wide range of material or focus on their own songs.


Recording Studio Environment

Miss Vicki Lee's’s approach coupled with the recording studio environment enables her clients to reach their full potential rapidly. Whether you want to learn how to sing, improve your technique or hone your skills as a performer we can help. We offer a full consultation session prior to committing to further sessions.

Lessons can also be recorded to aid development and songs can be professionally produced to use for demo purposes.


Performance Consulting Services

Every student of Studio 105 Recording receives performance consulting services directly from Miss Vicki Lee. 
If you are dedicated to pursuing a career in entertainment, Miss Vicki will teach you the most important lessons needed to succeed.

Respect your voice, your talent, and those who are there for you along the way.




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