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Music Production Service

Our Jacksonville music production service covers all aspects of completing a song or a full length album. Studio 105 Recordings Jacksonville music production service ranges from song writing, arranging and programming services. We can arrange musicians and vocalists for all your production needs.

Producers are very important to a project. They hear the songs objectively, they also keep the pressure on the artist to do their best and make suggestions when things aren’t working. In short, the producer can be thought of as a performance coach.

At Studio 105 Recording Studio, we are very sensitive to the feelings of Artists. We never jump in and take over a session and we don't expect the artist to do things our way. On the other hand, we have been recording for a long time and we have a great ear for music and we love to help when given the option.

When we begin our relationship with the artist, one of the first things we try to establish is the degree of involvement the artist actually wants us to have in the project. We usually just ask, how involved do you want us to be in your project? We then know where we stand and how to proceed from that point.

We definitly believe it’s good business to establish boundaries upfront. We then know how involved the artist actually wants us to be in the project. There's no additional fee for our Production Service. If an Artist would rather not use our production team, there’s no problem and we continue from that point.

Being able to create and inspire confidence within the recording session is a skill that we have at Studio 105 Recording. We are here for the artist.

The key factor is believing in what you are doing. It's no good being involved with a project in which you lack enthusiasm and vision, we will give you the enthusiasm and guidance that you need. We steer the project in the right direction and inspire confidence in the artist.

Sometimes it's surprising how saying nothing at all can be the loudest form of communication and in the recording studio, body language tells the true thoughts and feelings of the individuals involved.

This is where the bond of artist, project, and producer comes into play and the degree of involvement and the right people for the job is of fundamental importance. We all work together as a unit and achieve perfection.

Maintaining an objective perspective in the recording studio is very important. It is the job of the producer not to become bogged down, but to maintain the vision of the project as a whole.

It's the artist’s and musician’s recording session. Your here to record, certainly you will have your views and opinions, but our interaction is always for the good of the artist.

Studio 105 Recording specializes in different genres of music. Our staff are professional, courtious and highly qualified. Studio 105 Recording is a great choice for both the beginner and professional. Our rates are straight forward and there are no hidden costs for engineers, effects, equipment, microphones, etc. We also have an Online Recording Service, Live Remote Recording, Professional Karaoke Recording, Voice Over lessons, CD Duplication And Graphics Packages and so much more.

We offer quality recordings with experienced engineers who care about your project and are here for you from start to finish. We believe that you should be completely satisfied with your product as well as your experience when you record with us.

Our focus here at Studio 105 Recording will be to provide exceptional quality and outstanding customer service to those who choose to record with us.



It doesn't matter if it's your first time in the recording studio, or you have been making CDs for years. Our team at Studio 105 will provide you with professional music production and walk you through every step in the process. We even provide songwriting services when necessary.




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